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We will host our annual Harvest Day on the 4th of November. Central questions of the afternoon will be: what is good science, how does it relate to recent developments in research integrity, and what is the role of diversity in good science? We look forward to seeing you!

Event details of AISSR Harvest Day 2021
Date 4 November 2021
Time 12:00 -17:30
AISSR Harvest Day Inaugural Edition of 2014
AISSR Harvest Day Inaugural Edition of 2014

Join us for an afternoon filled with discussions about the value of interdisciplinarity, good science, and academic practice. We will serve lunch and drinks, and will have ample space for getting to know old and new colleagues. We hope to see you there!

A central theme during the afternoon will be "Achieving Good Science". What is good science according to academics and how does this occur in the daily practices of the various disciplines we host at the AISSR? What tensions and dilemmas do we see in our daily work? How can we promote "Good Science"? How does it relate to recent developments in research integrity? And what is the role of diversity in good science?


12.00 Lunch, provided at CREA
13.00 Welcome and kick-off by prof. dr. Marieke de Goede, director of the AISSR

Lecture: Achieving good science: A cross-disciplinary study, by prof. dr. Jeanette Pols

13.30 Panel: How can we achieve good science? What is good science, how does it relate to recent developments in research integrity, and what is the role of diversity in good science? [see below]
With prof. dr. Annette Freyberg-Inan (moderator), prof. dr. Amade M'charek, dr. Erella Grassiani, dr. Michaela Hordijk & prof. dr. Justus Uitermark
14.30 Coffee break

Screening of new research videos made for Harvest Day, showcasing "harvested" research from AISSR staff (see our YouTube channel). With: Saskia Bonjour and Laurens Bakker


Continued harvesting: celebrating books written by our staff from last year. Including an interview with Conny Roggeband, who wrote Politicizing Gender and Democracy in the Context of the Istanbul Convention


Short pitches of different, to be developed, cross-disciplinary themes within the AISSR (potentially applying for new faculty Research Priority Areas)

With: prof. dr. Joyeeta Gupta (sustainability), prof. dr. Daniel Mügge (Artificial Intelligence and Politics), dr. Abbey Steele (Conflict), dr. Nicky Pouw (Regenerative Societies), dr. Gijs Schumacher (Polarisation)

16.00 Thematic networking in themes (a.o. sustainability, AI, conflict, regenerative societies, polarisation)

16.30 - 17.30

Informal drinks (borrel) at the location


The event will take place in-person, in the CREA Muziekzaal, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170. You need a QR-code to enter the Muziekzaal. Inside, we ask you to wear a mask.

The event will be livestreamed on the AISSR YouTube channel.

Please register in advance by using the form below. Here, please indicate how you plan to attend (in-person or virtually).

Covid-19 measures

You will need to show a valid QR code in the Corona Check App to enter the Muziekzaal. 

More about Covid-19 measures at CREA. 

We also kindly ask you to take a self-test before coming to campus, for free via Zelftestonderwijs

Theme: Good science

The keynote lecture and the panel debate will revolve around the question: What is good science? We base this part of the programme on the recently published report "Goede wetenschap: Een visie van binnenuit", written by a.o. prof. dr. Jeanette Pols and prof. dr. Amade M'charek. 

Increasingly, universities are putting policies in place to promote research integrity. But the point of view of academics is often overlooked.

In the ethnographic study 'Good science [Goede wetenschap]', Jeanette Pols and a team of researchers investigated what good science means in and for different disciplines. 

How do they shape good science in their daily work? What obstacles do they encounter to realize good science? The results of the research show that the problems with scientific integrity should not primarily be sought in individual scientists, but in the conditions under which they operate. 

During Harvest Day, 'Achieving good science' will be one of the central themes. We start with a contribution by Jeanette Pols, one of the authors of the report 'Achieving good science – a cross disciplinary study', followed by a panel debate. Speakers include: Annette Freyberg-Inan (moderator), Amade M'charek, Erella Grassiani, Michaela Hordijk & Justus Uitermark.


CREA Muziekzaal

Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

Entrance to CREA around the corner of this address.