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Biomedical Sciences: Neurobiology

Do you have a keen interest in understanding your brain and its underlying workings? Or is it your ambition to become a neuroscientist? Then join this minor. No prerequisite knowledge required, apart from the will to drive your brain along the intricate paths of neurobiology.

You will discover exciting new knowledge about neuroscience research from renowned neuroscientists on development and neurotransmission and from neurons via networks to cognition and behaviour. In the process you will develop skills in the neuroanatomy, axon physiology, EEG and network modelling practicals and workgroups. In addition your presentation and critical and creative thinking skills will be trained. All in all, this minor will guide your development into an all-round neuroscientist, ready for any Master in neuroscience and beyond! The minor Biomedical sciences: Neurobiology consists of three separate but interconnected courses.

Application and admission

This fulltime 30 EC minor is open for students who have a keen interest in neuroscience and successfully completed their first-year of a university Bachelor's programme. It is open for students from all disciplines, but particularly interesting for students of Biomedical Sciences, Biology and Bèta-Gamma. We also welcome (inter)national students.

A maximum of 15 (inter)national students can be accepted for this minor. A total of 40 students will participate in the courses: 20 will be students from the Bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences of the University of Amsterdam and 5 will be students from the Bachelor's in Biology of the University of Amsterdam.

If you wish to apply, please send an email including your transcript of records from your prior and current academic programme(s) to before 1 July at the very latest.  Please note that without these documents we cannot take your application in consideration. If we receive more applications than there are places available, you can be put on a waiting list. Places are granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Students who are currently following another Bachelor's programme than Biomedical Sciences, Biology or Psychobiology will be contacted by the minor coordinator after you have submitted your email application including your transcript of records.

Important to know in advance

  • Please note that this is an intense programme with a filled timetable. It is not possible to follow other courses while taking these minor courses.
  • It is also important to realise that for the regular students this is a third-year specialisation course so there will be a diverse group of students who will be divided into smaller work groups with students of their level.
  • The Faculty of Science uses a different student information system than the other faculties of the University of Amsterdam. This system is called DataNose and is easy to use for your timetable, study programme and grades.
Facts & Figures
Mode Full-time
Credits 30 ECTS, 1 semester
Language of instruction English