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Dr. L.J.F. (Frank) Cornelissen

Program chair and manager master program Educational Sciences
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Educational Sciences

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 127
Postal address
  • Postbus 15776
    1001 NG Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Profile

    Frank Cornelissen is associate professor and program chair Educational Sciences.  Besides his appointment at the University of Amsterdam he is an Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of education of the University of Cambridge and Lector ‘Educational Science’ at the National Judicial Training Center in the Netherlands (SSR).

    His areas of expertise include: educational innovation, lifelong learning, networking, practice-oriented research.

    Before he joined the UvA Frank was a senior researcher and Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Faculty of Education of the University of Cambridge and the University of California San Diego. He has worked as a classroom teacher, consultant, and senior policy advisor of the Dutch Education Council.

  • Publications


    • Struyf, A., van der Zanden, P., Cornelissen, L. J. F., Geijsel, F. P., Schreurs, B. G. M., Volman, M. L. L., Denessen, E., & Sleegers, P. (Accepted/In press). Veerkracht verkennen: Hoe vijf vmbo-scholen veerkrachtig reageren bij het realiseren van educatief partnerschap met ouders van risicoleerlingen tijdens de COVID19-crisis. Pedagogische Studiën.


    • Rehm, M., Cornelissen, F., Daly, A. J., & Del Fresno García, M. (2020). Drinking from the Firehose – The structural and cognitive dimensions of sharing information on Twitter? American Journal of Education, 127(1), 77-105. [details]
    • Rehm, M., Cornelissen, F., Notten, A., & Daly, A. J. (2020). A metric to assess brokerage positions within social networking sites. Teachers College Record, 122(6), 1-32. [details]
    • Rehm, M., Cornelissen, F., Notten, A., Daly, A., & Supovitz, J. (2020). Power to the people?! Twitter discussions on (educational) policy processes. In D. Froehlich, M. Rehm, & B. C. Rienties (Eds.), Mixed Methods Social Network Analysis: Theories and Methodologies in Learning and Education (pp. 231-244). Routledge. [details]



    • Cornelissen, L., McLellan, R. W., & Schofield, J. (2017). Fostering research engagement in partnership schools: Networking and value creation. Oxford Review of Education, 43(6), 695-717. [details]
    • Liou, Y-H., Daly, A. J., Canrinus, E. T., Forbes, C. A., Moolenaar, N. M., Cornelissen, F., Van Lare, M., & Hsiao, J. (2017). Mapping the social side of pre-service teachers: Connecting closeness, trust, and efficacy with performance. Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice, 23(6), 635-657. [details]


    • Cornelissen, L. J. F., Daly, A., Liou, Y-H., Van Swet, J., Beijaard, D., & Bergen, T. (2015). Leveraging the relationship: Knowledge processes in school-university research networks of master’s programs. Research Papers in Education, 30(3), 366-392.
    • Cornelissen, L. J. F., Liou, Y-H., Daly, A., Van Swet, J., Beijaard, D., Bergen, T., & Canrinus, E. (2015). Teacher education’s challenge of changing research relationships with schools. AERA Open, 1(4), 1-24.


    • Cornelissen, L. J. F., & Van den Berg, E. (2014). Characteristics of the research supervision of postgraduate teachers’ action research. Educational Studies, 237-252.
    • Cornelissen, L. J. F., Daly, A., Liou, Y-H., Van Swet, J., Beijaard, D., & Bergen, T. (2014). More than a master: Developing, sharing and using knowledge in school-university research networks. Cambridge Journal of Education, 44(1), 35-57.
    • Daly, A., Liou, Y-H., Tran, N., Cornelissen, L. J. F., & Park, V. (2014). The rise of the neurotics: Social networks, leadership, and efficacy in district reform. Educational Administration Quarterly, 50(2), 233-278.
    • Moolenaar, N., Daly, A., Cornelissen, L. J. F., Liou, Y-H., Caillier, S., Riordan, R., ... Cohen, A. (2014). Linked to Innovation: Shaping an Innovative Climate through Network Intentionality and Educators’ Social Network Position. Journal of Educational Change, 15, 99-123.


    • Cornelissen, L. J. F., Van Swet, J., Beijaard, D., & Bergen, T. (2013). Exploring knowledge processes based on teacher research in a school-university research network of a master’s program. Journal of Educational Change, 14, 139-176.


    • Cornelissen, L. J. F., De Jong, T., & Kessels, J. (2012). Knitted patterns or contagious hotspots? Linking views on knowledge and organizational networked learning. The learning organization, 469-481.


    • Cornelissen, F., Van Swet, J., Beijaard, D., & Bergen, T. (2011). Aspects of school-university research networks that play a role in developing, sharing and using knowledge based on teacher research. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27(1), 147-156.


    • Struyf, A., van der Zanden, P., Cornelissen, L. J. F., Geijsel, F. P., Schreurs, B. G. M., Volman, M. L. L., Denessen, E., & Sleegers, P. (2022). Veerkracht verkennen: Hoe vijf VMBO-scholen het partnerschap aangingen met de ouders van kwetsbare leerlingen tijdens de COVID19-crisis.


    • Pareja Roblin, N. N., van Dorresteijn, C. M., Meij, M. T. E., Cornelissen, L. J. F., Voogt, J. M., & Volman, M. L. L. (2021). Online and blended teaching at the UvA: Teachers’ experiences and pedagogical strategies. University of Amsterdam.


    • Onderzoeksgroep ‘Online onderwijs tijdens COVID-19' (2020). Welke factoren dragen bij aan effectief online en blended onderwijs? (Samenvatting). Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details]
    • Research group ‘Online education during COVID-19’ (2020). What factors contribute to effective online and blended education? (Summary). Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details]
    • de Jong, B., Cornelissen, F., Jansen in de Wal, J., & van Tooren, R. (2020). Evaluating the impact of training on judicial practice in the Netherlands. Judicial Education and Training : journal of the international organization for judicial training, 7, 77-89. [details]
    • van den Boer, M. (Author), Cornelissen, F. (Author), de Jong, P. (Author), van der Leij, A. (Author), Schreurs, B. (Author), van der Weijden, F. (Author), Zijlstra, H. (Author), Geurts, E. (Author), de Gier, D. (Author), van der Hoeven, R. (Author), Laan, D. (Author), Meijs, M. (Author), Merema, D. (Author), Ramakers, S. (Author), & Roetenberg, A. (Author). (2020). Bouw! Plein. Web publication/site, Lexima. [details]



    • Cornelissen, F. (2015). Teacher leaders uit San Diego. Didaktief.
    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2015). Geflipt leiderschap is zo gek nog niet. Informeel leiding nemen in collegiale netwerken binnen en buiten de school. In R. Kneyber, & J. Evers (Eds.), Het Alternatief II, De ladder naar autonomie Culemborg: Uitgeverij Phronese.
    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2015). Getting your knowledge ‘out there’: Finding your knowledge ambassadors or how they find you. In S. Caillier, & H. Lattimer (Eds.), Surviving and thriving with teacher action research: Reflections and advice from the field. New York: Peter Lang.
    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2015). Steun petitie vrije toegang tot onderzoekskennis voor leraren. Van Twaalf tot Achttien, 2015.
    • van Keulen, H., Voogt, J., van Wessum, L., Cornelissen, F., & Schelfhout, W. (2015). Professionele leergemeenschappen in onderwijs en lerarenopleiding. Tijdschrift voor Lerarenopleiders, 36(4), 143-160. [details]


    • Cornelissen, F. (2013). Beroepspraktijk vraag om (h)erkenning en ontwikkeling van persoonlijke professionaliteit. Tijdschrift voor Lerarenopleiders, 34(2), 69-80.
    • Cornelissen, F. (2013). De dilemma’s van de leraar: Het rapport van de Onderwijsraad over de beroepspraktijk van de leraar . Van Twaalf tot Achttien, 2013(4), 10-12.
    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2013). Complexiteit en diversiteit vragen om persoonlijke professionaliteit. SpeZiaal.
    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2013). Kritisch onderzoekende houding: Basis voor professionaliteit. Zorg Primair.


    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2012). Leven lang leren van levensbelang voor laagopgeleiden. Tijdschrift voor Ontwikkeling in Organisaties.


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    • Cornelissen, L. J. F., & Cornelissen, M. (2011). Making the action research net-WORK! Newsletter of the San Diego Action Research Association.


    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2010). In gesprek met Alan Daly. Onderwijsvernieuwing: de schitterende en duistere kant van sociaal kapitaal. Develop, 6(1), 10-12.
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    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2009). Laat vernieuwing groeien! Actieonderzoek voor ontwikkeling van mens en organisatie. Driebergen: NVO2.
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    • Cornelissen, L. J. F., & Van Kan, C. (2009). Van borrelen naar bruisen: de dynamiek van een onderzoekende leergemeenschap. In Interne Onderzoeksbundel Fontys OSO


    • Cornelissen, F., & van den Berg, E. (2008). Kennis-maken met de begeleiding van actieonderzoek: een onderzoek naar de kenmerken van de begeleiding van leraren die actieonderzoek uitvoeren. Tijdschrift voor Lerarenopleiders, 29(4), 35-44.
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    • van Dorresteijn, C. M., Cornelissen, L. J. F., & Volman, M. L. L. (2022). Online ervaringsgericht rechtenonderwijs. Een blik in de toekomst?. Abstract from Onderwijs Research Dagen, Hasselt, Belgium.
    • van Dorresteijn, C. M., Cornelissen, L. J. F., & Volman, M. L. L. (2022). Teacher experiences with online experiential legal education. Abstract from SIG 1 & 4 (EARLI) Joint Conference, Cádiz, Spain.


    • van Dorresteijn, C. M., Pareja Roblin, N. N., Meij, M. T. E., Cornelissen, L. J. F., & Volman, M. L. L. (2021). Sociale interactie in online hoger onderwijs: Welke strategieën gebruiken docenten om verschillende soorten leerdoelen te bereiken?. Abstract from Onderwijs Research Dagen (ORD) 2021, Utrecht, Netherlands.


    • Cornelissen, F. (2016). Nominated for the Early Career Award “Teaching and Teacher Education” (Division K).
    • Cornelissen, F. (2009). Universities of Applied Sciences National Innovation Award 2009 - Third Place.
    • Cornelissen, F. (2007). National Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award 2007.

    Talk / presentation

    • Cornelissen, F. (speaker) (22-6-2017). Leveraging the relationship: Crossing gaps by releasing the power of networks in research partnerships, Annual Conference of the Schools-University Research Partnership (SUPER) Network, Cambridge.
    • Cornelissen, F. (speaker) (22-6-2017). The Training Titanic: three ships that can save us, European Judicial Training Network (EJTN).
    • Cornelissen, F. (speaker) (13-2-2016). Building a generation of creative teacher hackers, TEDxCambridgeUniversity, Cambridge.
    • Cornelissen, F. (speaker) (5-2014). How drinking and smoking can make us smarter: The hidden power of networks, Pint of Science US - San Diego, San Diego.


    • Cornelissen, L. J. F. (2011). Knowledge Processes in School-University Research Networks.
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