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Working Papers

A series of incidental publications by staff members, associates and collaborators of the Department of European Studies.

  1. P.J.G. Kapteyn: Over het Hoe en Waarom van een Europese ‘Grondwet’.
  2. Joep Leerssen: The Cultivation of Culture Towards a Definition of Romantic Nationalism in Europe.
  3. Peter Hoppenbrouwers: Medieval Peoples.
  4. ImaginedIraklis (Hercules) Millas: Tourkokratia, History and the Image of Turks in Greek Literature.
  5. Annie Jourdan: Amsterdam en révolution, 1795-1798 Un Jacobinisme batave?
  6. Annemarie van Heerikhuizen: Een Haagse salon met toekomstige Nobelprijswinnaars.
  7. Max Bader: Making parties fit for democracy: Georgia, Ukraine and the challenge  for democracy assistance.
  8. Lia Versteegh: Human Rights Enforceability under  the European Union€s Reform Treaty as an Incentive for Member States. The case of Hungary.
  9. Eva Navarro Martínez: Images of Europe in American films, 1921 - 1962.
  10. Joep Leerssen: A Commodious Vicus of Recirculation, Irish Anthologies and Literary History.
  11. Joep Leerssen with Pim van Bree, Geert Kessels and Maarten Witberg: SpInTime, Dynamically visualizing how diffusion patterns evolve over space and time.
  12. David Hollanders. De ECB de soeverein, banken de leenmannen, burgers de schuldhorigen. De politieke economie van de euro.