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International students

Do you have a specific question about your situation, please contact the education office of your faculty or the Central Student Service Desk.

FAQs per topic

Find information about each topic in our list of FAQs.


  • Can I travel to the Netherlands as a non-EU/EEA student?

    As a student you are exempted from the EU travel ban and you are allowed to travel to the Netherlands if you have received the IND decision letter stating that you will receive a residence permit for study. You will receive this IND decision letter from the immigration office of the UvA. You have to carry this with you while you travel.

    You must bring the letter stating that you will receive a residence permit (kennisgeving) when you travel to the Netherlands. If a family member is accompanying, they must have a copy of your IND letter as well.

  • What happens with my residence permit when I am outside of the Netherlands for more than 12 months?

    If you are abroad for more than 12 months you lose the right to maintain your residence permit. We have to inform the IND about where you are and if you are abroad, when you intent to come back. Please let us know via this form

    (Please note that the cancelation of your residence permit will have no influences on your registration at the UvA. You can continue with online education.)

    If, after your residence permit is cancelled, you want to travel to the Netherlands to pick up your Diploma you can travel on a tourist visa.

    If, after your residence permit is cancelled, you want to travel to the Netherlands to continue your study, you need to start the immigration procedure again in order to obtain a new permit.

    Please note that you must re-arrange all the documents that you have submitted before, such as:

    • your financial proof (you need to submit a bank statement that is dated within the last 2 months)
    • In case of a sponsor: you need to submit a sponsor’s support statement as well, incl your sponsor’s passport
    • your passport (which must be valid for 6 months)
    • your antecedent certificate.

    If you want us to re-start the procedure for the new academic year (Sept. 2021-Aug. 2022) for you please contact the Immigration Office when you want to travel to the Netherlands so we can invite you to the process at the right time. This will be at the beginning of June the earliest. 

Corona-virus measures in the Netherlands, vaccines and self-quarantine

  • Am I obliged to have proof of a corona vaccination before starting my programme?

    While we hope that everyone who studies and works at the UvA chooses to get vaccinated, everyone is free to decide this for themselves. This means we will not be requiring a vaccination certificate or negative test certificate. We are counting on everyone to take responsibility to prevent further infections. Do you have any symptoms? If so, stay at home and ask for a test at the GGD.

  • Should my roommates also self-quarantine?

    No, if you have to self-quarantine because you traveled from a country categorized as orange or red your roommates do not have to self-quarantine unless they themselves have travelled from a country categorized as a red or orange. Only if you (or they) develop symptoms should you all stay inside and avoid contact with others.

  • What should I do if I need medical assistance?

    For medical assistance, the usual practice in the Netherlands is for a patient to have an initial consultation with a general practitioner, before making an appointment with a specialist in hospital. As a student in Amsterdam you can contact the General Practitioners Practice UvA if you need medical assistance. Do not visit the practice, please call first.

Application & admission

For corona-related questions regarding Application & Admission please visit this page.

Inbound exchange (international students coming to the UvA)

For Covid-related questions on international exchange students coming to the UvA, please visit the inbound exchange FAQ.

Outbound Study Abroad (current UvA students going abroad)

For Covid-related questions on current UvA students going abroad on an exchange programme, internship or graduation project, please visit the outbound Study Abroad FAQ.