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FAQ Law programmes

On this page you'll find frequently asked questions about the admission procedure at the Amsterdam Law School of the University of Amsterdam.

Frequently asked questions relating to the corona situation

  • What does education look like in times of corona?

    At the Amsterdam Law School, we find teaching on campus, with physical education and meeting each other, very important. Therefore, we offer all education on campus, without restrictions. This also applies to the introduction and to all examinations. Should the coronavirus flare up again, we will of course follow the guidelines of the Dutch government. In that case, we may have to offer the education and the introduction (partly) online.

  • Due to COVID-19 my university has been closed down. I am unable to send all the required certified documents for my application. What options do I have?

    We are aware that due to COVID-19 universities have been closed down or have limited their activities. However, we do need the required documents that are mentioned in your conditional admission letter.

    The certified copies of diplomas and transcripts can be sent through postal mail. If you are not able to provide us with certified copies by post, we will allow documents to be sent digitally. The documents must be sent directly by the issuing school/university and can be sent to: Please make sure that your name, your UvA ID (student number) and your study programme are mentioned in the email.

    The deadline for sending your documents is stated in your conditional admissions letter.

    Please note that a check for email spoofing will be part of our verification procedure. In case we do not trust the email that has been sent to us we may contact the university or we will ask for certified copies by postal mail after all.

  • My university is closed and I can't provide a transcript. That’s why I can't submit my application yet. Can the application deadline be extended?

    No, all application deadlines remain the same. Please find the application deadline on the page of the course you’re interested in. Please note that you may already submit your application and upload provisional transcript lists/document. Official certified documents can to be submitted later.

  • I have an English test scheduled, but it is not yet certain if it will take place. Can I submit my language test results later?

    We are aware of the difficulties and the cancellations caused by the coronavirus, please note that TOEFL currently offers an online Home Edition Test in several countries. Please check their website for details. We will accept the TOEFL Home Edition test for both our February 2021 intake and for the September 2021-2022 intake. The IELTS indicator test is not allowed.

    Please contact the admissions office if you are not able to meet the deadline for handing in documents.

  • I’ve sent documents by mail. Did you receive them?

    Due to the coronavirus, all UvA personnel are currently working from home. Mail is accepted, but not processed immediately. As a result, it will take longer for you to receive a message from us.

Other questions about admission

  • How can I apply for a LLM programme at the Amsterdam Law School?

    You can find the application process under ‘Admission and application for international students’ on the webpage of your preferred Master’s programme.

  • When are the application deadlines for the LLM programmes?

    You can find the application deadlines under ‘Admission and application for international students’ on the webpage of your preferred Master’s programme.

  • How do I pay the application fee for non-EEA students?

    Applicants with a non-EEA nationality are required to pay an administrative fee of € 100 after submitting their application form in MyInfo. If you do not pay the fee, your application form cannot be submitted. The application fee will be reimbursed to those students who successfully enrol at the Amsterdam Law School and who subsequently start their studies.

  • What address should I send the application documents to?

    You can upload your documents in the application form. You will also have to submit hard copies of the certified documents (Bachelor’s diploma and grade transcript). You can send the documents to one of the following addresses:

    For regular post:
    Admissions Office of the Amsterdam Law School (room 6.01a)
    Post Office Box 1030
    1000 BA Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    For registered post:
    Admissions Office of the Amsterdam Law School (room 6.01a)
    Valckenierstraat 59
    1018 XE Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

  • What is a certified copy?

    A certified copy does NOT mean a plain photocopy. A certified copy is a duplicate verified to be a true and faithful copy of the original. The document should be certified with an original stamp and signature by an authorized signatory such as a university official or a notary. These certified documents are necessary for the Admission Office to verify that you indeed graduated from your school. Please note: a copy of the certified copy is no longer a certified copy!

    >> Watch the explainer video on YouTube

  • Do the certified documents need to be translated into English?

    Yes, all certified documents need to be translated into English, except if they are in Dutch, French or German. The Admissions Office reserves the right to request a translation into English at any time.


  • Can the English language proficiency test be waived?

    The following students are exempted from English language proficiency test:

    • Students who have received their prior education in one of the following English-speaking countries: Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States.
    • Students who have completed an English-language study programme (minimum level: a Bachelor’s programme).
    • Students in possession of an international or European Baccalaureate diploma (with English as the language of instruction).
    • Dutch students who have received their prior education in the Netherlands.
  • What is the application deadline for scholarships?

    The scholarship deadline is the 15th of January. You can find more information about our scholarship here.

    Please be aware that it is not possible to apply for any scholarships if you are starting in February.

  • Are there any special provisions available for students with disabilities?

    Do you have a chronic disorder that could obstruct your ability to take part in the curriculum? The University of Amsterdam offers various types of support and counseling to be able to offer you the best possible study time, thus helping prevent study delays. Please note: the regulations and arrangements of the University of Amsterdam could be different from the ones of your home University. You do not automatically have the same rights here.

  • How can I apply for UvA housing?

    Please indicate in your application form that you are interested in housing. Only students who are fully admitted to a master’s programme can apply for student accommodation. If you are fully admitted before the housing deadline, the UvA’s Housing Office will provide you with an application form for student accommodation. Please note: student housing is never guaranteed.

  • I have a question about UvA Housing, who can I contact?
  • How do I finalize my enrolment at the UvA?

    Once you have been admitted to a Master’s programme at the Amsterdam Law School, you will receive information by email from the Central Student Service Desk on how to complete your registration and, if applicable, how to apply for a visa or residence permit.