PAinT - Paint Alterations in Time

Revolt of the Batavians against Roman rule

Jacob Jordaens 1661-66

Oil on canvas (lined) - Royal Palace, Amsterdam

This series of large-scale paintings in the gallery arches of the Citizen’s Hall of the Amsterdam Royal Palace depicts the revolt of the Batavians against Roman rule. The paintings have recently undergone conservation and restoration treatment (2005-09). Research into the technique and condition of these paintings is being continued in the PhD thesis of Emilie Froment (UvA/SRAL).

The paintings have similar restoration histories: they have been glue lined in the 18thC and wax-resin lined in the 1960s. They demonstrate a dramatic darkening, which may have been caused by the combination of ageing and past treatments [Froment et al. 2011].

Froment’s research focuses on the influence of former conservation treatments on the causes for the darkening of these paintings. Extensive lead soap formation is thought to play a role, and/or impregnation of the paint with wax-resin from the lining adhesive. Reconstructions have already been made in an attempt to simulate the darkening effect and are available for research.

Published by  HIMS

20 September 2012