PAinT - Paint Alterations in Time

Research consultants

National and international

The PAinT Project team has engaged a group of consultants to the project. Their expertise in the fields of paintings conservation, conservation related research as well of instrumental methods for scientific research, will support the research team.

Em. prof. dr. Jaap Boon - JAAP Enterprise for MOLART advice, Amsterdam


Dr. Wim Genuit - Senior Scientist Mass Spectrometry, Shell Global Solutions, Amsterdam


Dr. Victor Litvinov - Expert on Characterisation of Polymer Networks by Solid-State NMR, DSM Resolve, Geleen


Prof. dr. Aviva Burnstock - Head of the Department of Conservation and Technology, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK


Dr. Ken Sutherland - Senior Conservation Scientist, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA


Drs. Alan Phenix - Senior Conservation Scientist, Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, USA


Dr. Leslie Carlyle -  Paintings Conservation, Department of Conservation and Restoration, New University of Lisbon, Portugal


11 September 2012